Pilates Roller Soft by SISSEL®
Accessories for exercise balls by SISSEL®
Active-K by Chattanooga, CPM device
Acupressur Mat by SISSEL®
Acupressur Mat by SISSEL®
Back Block by SISSEL®
Back by SISSEL®
Balancefit by SISSEL®
Balancefit Pad by SISSEL®
Ball & Imagery exercises for relaxed & flexable shoulders, neck & thorax - Franklin Method
Balu (cherry stone hot pad) by SISSEL®
Buchi®, neck support by SISSEL®
Chairs, Arcs & Barrels
Cherry (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Cherry Heat Belt by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Comfort, support cushion by SISSEL®
Compression Therapy Press 4
CROSSTAPE®, pain relief patches
Desktop Mobil by SISSEL®
Door Anchor by SISSEL®
Door Anchor by SISSEL®
DorsaBack by SISSEL®
DorsaBack Car by SISSEL®
DorsaBack Pad by SISSEL®
Empi Direct TENS™ (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
Epidural Positioning Device - EPD
Ergo-Ball by SISSEL®
ErgoStyle FX Chiropractic table
ErgoStyle™ ES2000
ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Chiropractic Table (GEN II)
ErgoStyle™ FX Flexion/Distraction Chiropractic Table
ErgoStyle™ HYLO Chiropractic Table
Exercise Ball by SISSEL®
Exercise Bands and Tubes by SISSEL®
Exercise Loop, resistance band by SISSEL®
Face Pad by SISSEL®
Fascia Release and Balance by Eric Franklin
Fit Band, 25m by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 2m x 7.5cm by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 46m by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 5m by SISSEL®
Fit Dome Pro by SISSEL®
Fit Tubes by SISSEL®
Fit-Roller by SISSEL®
Fitband Essential by SISSEL®
Franklin Ball, green, 10cm, pair
Franklin Ball, soft, orange, 10cm, pair
Franklin Fascia Roll, purple
Franklin Roller, blue
Fun & Active Band by SISSEL®
Fun Massager by SISSEL®
Gym Mats by SISSEL®
Hand Grip by SISSEL ®
Happy Feet: dynamic base, effortless posture
Headrest paper
Hot Massage Stones, by SISSEL®
Hot-Cold-Soft-Pack (hot/cold pad) by SISSEL®
IceMan® by Donjoy®
Intelect® Mobile Ultrasound
Intelect® VET
Inversion Table by SISSEL®
IT Band Roller by Physio Needs
K-Tape for me
K-Tape for me
K-Tape for me
K-Tape® forme
K-Tape® PRE K Gel
K-Tape®, kinesiology tape
Kinesiology Tape by SISSEL®
Linum (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Mambo Fit Stretch
Massage chair by SISSEL®
Massage lotion
Massage Roller by SISSEL®
Massage Table Cover, cotton, by SISSEL®
Massager, Intensive by SISSEL®
Medi Support by SISSEL®
Medicine Ball by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Bambini by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Deluxe by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Soft by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Soft PLUS by SISSEL®
Memory Foam, Temp Control® Mattress Overlay
Montane Alps, 5 section treatment table
Montane Atlas, 3 section treatment table
Montane Andes, 7 section treatment table
Montane Colombia, 2 section, fixed examination/ treatment table
Montane Dolomites, 2 section examination/ treatment table
Montane Tatras, 2 section treatment table
Montane Taurus, Bobath treatment table
Montane treatment table accessories
Myofascia Roller by SISSEL®
Naggura Treatment Tables, N'GO range
Naggura Treatment Tables, N'RUN range
neu Spine
Options, Upgrades & Spares
Orthopaedic Pillow, Classic by SISSEL®
Orthopaedic Pillow, PLUS by SISSEL®
Orthopaedic Pillow, Travel by SISSEL®
Pack (hot/cold) by SISSEL®
Paper Couch Rolls, 2 ply, white, 40gms
Pearl Hot/Cold Relief Pack by SISSEL®
Pedal Exercisers
Pilates & Yoga Mat by SISSEL®
Pilates Ball by SISSEL®
Pilates Band by SISSEL®
Pilates Circle by SISSEL®
Pilates Core Trainer by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller Head Align Dynamic by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller Pro by SISSEL®
Pilates Socks by SISSEL®
Pilates Sports Towel by SISSEL®
Pilates Toning Ball, pair by SISSEL®
Pilates Workout Gloves by SISSEL®
Portable Massage Table by SISSEL®
Portal Pro by Oakworks for SISSEL®
Press-Ball by SISSEL®
Press-Egg by SISSEL®
Radial Pressure Wave therapy by Intelect®
Reformers by Balanced Body®
Reha Pro by SISSEL ®
Saddle Stool by SISSEL®
Saunders® Home Traction
Scissors, for easy cutting of K-Tape®
Securemax Exercise Balls by SISSEL®
Serola Sacroiliac Belt
Serola Sacroiliac Belt
Shoulder Roller
SISSEL® Comfort
SISSEL® Heat Wave
SISSEL® Medi Support
SISSEL® Orthopaedic Pillow travel cover
Sit Air by SISSEL®
Sit Ring by SISSEL®
Sit Special 2 in 1, coccyx sitting wedge by SISSEL®
Sit Standard, sitting wedge by SISSEL®
Soft Curve®, memory foam pillow by SISSEL®
Soft Touch (hot/cold pad) by SISSEL®
Sonic Wave Treatment by Novafon®
Spelt filled pillow, Palea by SISSEL®
Spiky Dome by SISSEL®
Spiky Twin Roller by SISSEL®, massager
Spiky-Ball by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Stability, Sport and Performance Movement, 2nd Edition
Stabilizer, pressure biofeedback unit
Studio Equipment
The Art & Science of Cueing by Eric Franklin
The Core Workout
the PSOAS, integrating your inner core using the Franklin Method
Theraputty by SISSEL®
Therm (self heating hot pad) by SISSEL®
Thumper® Massager, Maxi Pro & Mini Pro
Treatment, massage table, polycotton covers
VertiBaX - Joint Healthcare Supports
VertiBax - Joint Healthcare Supports
Vibrosphere™, vibration plate
Vinotherm (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Wobble & Rocker boards
Yoga Block & Belt/Band by SISSEL®
Yoga Mat by SISSEL®
Yoga Relax by SISSEL®
Yoga Socks by SISSEL®
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